Chemical properties of a substance

Chemical properties of a substance is a characteristic of a substance that is associated with the formation of new types of substances . Note metals that are around you , whether all can react with oxygen ? Iron includes substances that easily react with oxygen , which would cause the iron to rust . Here are some examples of chemical properties owned by an object , namely :
a. The chemical properties of flammable substances
Have you ever noticed , why refueling station there is a ban on " NO SMOKING " ? This warning is intended to remind the consumer that , gasoline including flammable substances . By knowing the properties of the materials are flammable, we will be able to use it safely .
b . Chemical properties of substances and sour rot
As a result of chemical reactions occur in a food or beverage , food and drink can lead to the rot and turn into a sour taste . For example , rice that is left for days to react with the air becomes stale , the milk is turned into a sour taste .
c . Chemical properties of substances Rustic
The reaction between metal and oxygen can lead to the rusty object . Metals , such as iron and zinc is easily corroded . There are objects that can not rust , such as plastic and glass . Rusting is a chemical property , because the reaction occurs that produces a new type .
d . The chemical properties of substances explode Easy
Interaction with oxygen in natural substances that have no explosive properties , such as : magnesium , uranium and sodium .
e . Toxic chemical properties of substances
There are some substances that have toxic chemical properties , such as: insecticides , pesticides , fungicides , herbicides and rodenticides . The toxic substances used by humans to eradicate pests , both insects and mice . understanding of substance

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