physical and chemical changes in substances

1 . Changes in physical substance
Physical changes are changes to the substance does not produce new types of substances . For example , rice is ground into flour . Rice is ground into flour , just show the shape and size of the change , but the molecular nature of the substance remains the same rice and flour . Events change states of matter , such as: evaporate , condense , melt , freeze , sublimate , crystallizing a physical change . There are several characteristics of the physical changes , ie : not formed a new kind of substance , a substance that can turn back into shape , just followed the changing nature of physics alone . Changes in physical properties that appear are the shape , size , and color change .
2 . Changes in chemical substances
A chemical change is a change in a substance that produces a new type . Have you ever burn paper ? What can you see after the paper went up in flames ? There ash obtained as a result of the combustion process . Paper before the fire have different properties to the paper after burned . Examples of chemical changes , such as: rice rot , stale milk , vegetables became stale , rotting eggs , salted eggs , rusty iron , and others . There are some characteristics of chemical changes of a substance , ie a substance to form a new kind , a substance that can not be changed back to its original form , accompanied by changes in the chemical properties through chemical reactions . During a chemical change , substances before the reaction mass equal to the mass of a substance after the reaction .

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