Physical properties of substances

Substances Substances have properties characteristic of each . Copper wire you can bend easily , while the hard iron bar bent . Characteristic of a substance that can be observed without changing the substance of the constituent materials , called physical properties . Physical properties of an object , such as:
a. Being physical properties of substances
Three kinds of states of matter that we know are : solid , liquid and gas . The substance can be transformed from one form to another form . Some events change as we know , namely : evaporate , condense , melt , freeze , meyublim , and crystallized . Substance has a boiling point and melting point is different for each type of substance . The boiling point of water at normal atmospheric pressure ( 76 cmHg ) is 1000C , while gasoline approximately 800C .
Colour physics b.sifat
Each object has a different color . Color is a physical property that you can observe directly . The color of an object is owned by distinctive characteristics that distinguish between one substance with another substance . For example , milk white , carbon black , pale gray nails and others.
c . physical properties of solubility
Water is a solvent for the solutes . Not all substances can be dissolved in a solvent . For example , salt is soluble in water , but coffee is not water soluble . The solubility of a substance in a specific solvent is a physical property .

d . physical properties of electrical conductivity
Metal objects in general can conduct electricity . Objects that can conduct electricity well are called conductors , while objects that can not conduct electricity are called insulators . The electrical conductivity of a substance can be observed from the symptoms it causes. For example , copper is connected with a voltage source and a lamp . As a result of what you can look is to turn on the lights . Electrical conductivity is a physical property .
e . physical properties of Magnetism
Based on the magnetic properties , objects are classified into two objects magnetic and non- magnetic objects . Magnetic objects are objects that can be drawn by a powerful magnet , while the non- magnetic objects are objects that can not be pulled by a magnet . For example , there is a mixture of iron filings and sand . Separation of this mixture can not be done by filtering or sieving . An easier way is to bring a magnet to the mixture . Including magnetic iron powder material , it will be attracted to the magnet . Differences physics as an object of interest in a magnet can be used to separate substances in a mixture . Try to collect some other information , about the physical properties of an object !

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