Benefits of Heat in Everyday Life

Benefits of Heat in Everyday Life In everyday life you have encountered many household appliances which works using the principle of heat transfer concepts , eg pressure cooker ( pressure cooker ) , irons , tool refining , and refrigeration . Here are some examples of the application of heat transfer is radiation in everyday life .
a. On a hot day , people prefer to wear bright clothes of the dark clothes . It aims to reduce heat absorption b . Paint made ​​shiny car or motorcycle to reduce heat absorption .c . Wearing a thick jacket or snuggled under a thick blanket of cold air when your body feels comfortable . Including the air a good insulator . Some insulating material composed of many tiny air pockets encased . The bag prevents heat transfer by convection . So do you know why in a blanket filled with tiny hairs or fibers that trap air ? This is done to prevent the possibility of heat loss .d . Wall thermos flasks coated silver . It aims to prevent heat loss is radiation . Vacuum between the glass walls of the flask to prevent heat transfer by convection .

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