Dissolve the substance remains Requires Temperature Heat

Dissolve the substance remains Requires Temperature Heat At melted liquid is transformed from solid to liquid requires heat . At normal air pressure ice transformed from solid to liquid at a temperature of 00C . Heat energy required to raise the temperature is not used , but to change the states of matter from solid to liquid . The temperature at the time of the solids melt is called the melting point . If the outside air pressure change , the melting point of substances will also undergo changes . It can be shown that the air pressure of 76 cmHg ice will melt at temperatures below 00C .
Melting point of a substance can be changed by means of : pressure plus the melting point down , the pressure is reduced then the melting point rises, and then add the impurity substance melting point down . How you can explain how to make ice cream ? Why is the ice cream maker is mixing salt with ice ? Salt mixed with ice cubes to lower the temperature of the ice to -20 0C .
These events can be used to cool the water to ice in making ice cream . fall
salt lowers the temperature due to the melting point of ice . Some everyday appliances that utilize the properties of heat , such as: rice cooker , pressure cooker , freezer, water distillation equipment , autoclaves ( bacteria -killing ) . To change the solid state to a liquid at the melting point of heat energy required . The amount of heat energy needed to change 1 kg of a substance from the solid state to a liquid at its boiling point is called the heat of melting . Mathematically it can be written :

Q = m x L
Q = heat energy required ( J )
m = mass of substance ( kg )
L = heat of melting ( J / kg )
When melting occurs substance requires heat , while the freezing liquid releases heat until it turns into a solid . The amount of heat that is released to change 1 kg of a substance from liquid to solid form in the so-called heat frozen freezing point . Freezing point is the temperature at which liquid water freezes . Experiments conducted by scientists produces a statement that :
Melting Heat = heat frozen

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