Heat Transfer by conduction / conduction

Heat Transfer Heat can move from one place to another . How do I heat it changed ? Heat can be transferred in three ways , namely conduction or conduction , convection , or flow , and
radiation or emission .
Conduction is the transfer of heat through a substance without displacement of the particles of the substance by heat conductivity , objects can be divided into two , namely :
1 ) Conductor
Conductors are substances that have good heat conductivity . Example : iron , steel , copper , aluminum , etc.
2 ) Isolator
Insulators are substances that have a poor conductor of heat . Example : wood , plastic , paper , glass , water , etc.
In everyday life , you can encounter housewares principle works utilizing the concept of heat transfer by conduction , such as: electric irons , solder . Why are household appliances such as irons , solder , pots , pans hold of materials are insulators ? It aims to prevent heat conduction to not come down to us .

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