In the history of the microscope discovered 16th century thanks to the discovery of a scientist , living things
which can not be seen can be seen by using a tool . The tool is a microscope , which allows one to observe objects or beings that are not able to be seen with the naked eye . The microscope consists of two parts , namely :

1 . In the mechanical part mechanical part consists of :
a. Feet serve to support the microscope microscope .b . Pillar or joint inclination as a liaison between the legs with arms microscope .c . Regulatory condenser condenser serves to draw down .d . The condenser is used to focus light onto the object being observede . Arm microscope microscope serves as a handle .f . Hinge arm drive serves as a liaison with legs microscopeg . Counter preparations serves to put the preparations to be observed .h . Preparations or preparations clamp holder serves to clamp the preparations to be observed so as not to shift .i . Serves to connect the tube between the objective lens and eyepiece .j . Revolver serves to place the objective lens .k . Screw rough player function for quickly moving the microscope tube from top to bottom .l . Screw player works fine for the tube to move up and down slowly . This tool is used if the object has been focused by turning a rough player .
2 . Optical parts optical section consists of :
a. Two pieces of mirror , a flat mirror and a concave mirror . Mirror function is to search for , collect , and directs the light to the object observed . Flat mirrors for enough light source and a concave mirror to a less bright light source .b . Diaphragm , serves to regulate the extent of the mirror reflected light toward the eye .c . Objective lens , serves to enlarge the shadow object , located on the revolver .d . Ocular lens , serves to enlarge the shadow of the object , located at the top of the tube .

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