Scientific Work

Scientific Work If someone wants to know something by observation , would not work well if the observations made without going through the steps or planned and systematic method to obtain evidence of the biotic and abiotic . Biotic is a living part of nature , while abiotic are natural objects that are dead . Step or the most appropriate method used in the observation that the scientific method .
The scientific method is a tool to solve problems , find out the cause so that the conclusions that can be reasonable and credible . To that end , the scientific method and scientific attitude person uses in making observations . The steps of the scientific method , as follows :
1 . Discovering the problem and formulate the problem .2 . Collecting information to solve the problem .3 . Develop assumptions or hypotheses for obtaining temporary answer .4 . Testing allegations by conducting experiments or experiments .5 . Attractive conclusions .6 . Testing conclusions by repeating the experiment .
Scientific attitude must be owned by an observer , among others , as follows :
1 . Loved truth this attitude encourages someone to be honest and objective .2 . Not ancient thought not think prejudice is not good and does not make sense .3 . Characteristically tolerant of other people's knowledge is not absolutely perfect , then respect the opinions of others can be used to repair , equip , improve knowledge and not force others .4 . Ductile not desperate and always trying to find the truth but often do not gain anything .5 . Thorough Thorough and careful in doing something and be careful in drawing conclusions and opinion.6 . Want to know curiosity is the starting point of knowledge to pushed to want to know more of doing things 7 . Optimistic Always optimistic as familiar with the trials or experiments . In the experiment therethe factors that influence the experiment . These factors were named variables . There are four kinds of variables , namely :1 . Manipulative independent variable or variables independent variable was deliberately different factors or altered .2 . Dependent variable or response variable The dependent variable is the variable obtained by other variables .3 . Variable controls are control variables that must be controlled .4 . Variables confounding variables are confounding factors that may affect the results of the experiment , but it can not be predicted in advance . From the observations made , the result is called data . There are two ( 2 ) kinds of data , namely :
1 . Qualitative data is data is not presented in the form of numbers .2 . Quantitative data is data that is presented in the form of numbers . The results and conclusions from experiments or observations reported
in a journal called scientific journals . Scientific journal is a magazine that contains articles or posts which contains research reports . Diverse forms of scientific journals , there are published weekly , monthly orthree months. With the development of science and technology scientific journals can be viewed over the internet .

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