how to use a microscope properly

How do I use a microscope correctly ? To be able to use a microscope to properly consider the following steps :
a. Finding the visual field by adjusting irradiation to produce the visual field is the mengatu mirror while looking at that light into the eyepiece to the diaphragm , resulting in optimum reflectivity . The bright part is called the spherical field of view .
b Adjust the focus of the microscope with a magnification weak or shadows on the table Put preparations preparations , clamped with tongs as he watched from the side of the tube microscope microscope lowered with a rough player , do careful not to touch the objective lens preparations . Then look through the eyepiece and slowly microscope Bring up the tube so that the object is clearly visible. Once the object looks , smooth player to rotate forward or backward to get the best possible image . Magnification of the microscope is obtained by multiplying the numbers in the objective lens with the numbers listed in the ocular lens . For example, the objective lens 5x 10x 50x eyepiece then perbesarannya .
c . Adjusting the focus of the microscope ( shadow with powerful magnification ) To obtain the shadow , can be done by changing the objective lens has a magnification weaker by the stronger . For example, an objective lens with a magnification of 5x to 10x or 40x replaced by rotating the revolver until you hear terdetak . Smooth player rotated forward or backward in order to obtain a clearer object .
d . Set the microscope to position stored Upon completion microscope is used , adjust the microscope with position ready to be stored in the following way :
1 ) Tube microscope is raised .
2 ) Mixture taken .
3 ) The objective lens is the weakest lowered as low as played exactly the microscope until the hole table .
4 ) The diaphragm is closed again .
5 ) Condenser lowered and mirrors in an upright position .
6 ) Raise the microscope with the right hand carefully holding the arm and prop feet mikrokop microscope with the left hand and then put into place and locked .
How to make preparations :
1 ) Make preparations without incision : To make a wet mount without an incision , for example on
time observation of microorganisms present in water . How: water to be observed , taken with a Pasteur pipette and placed on glass objective and cover with a glass cover , observe with a microscope .
2 ) Make an incision preparations : Make preparations in organ organism , for example cross-section of leaves , stems , roots , muscles , etc. How: slashing organ as thin as possible , to make a good and thin incision with an instrument called a microtome , but if not using a microtome can have razor sharp .