Characteristics of Chemical Reactions

Characteristic Chemical Reactions Chemical reactions that occur result in some changes , among others :
1 . Characteristic Chemical Reaction Formation Deposition
Try to observe the bottom of the pot used to boil water , is there anything that sticks to the pan ? The substance is a carbonate compound that is formed when water containing lime in heat .
2 . Characteristics Produce Gas Chemical Reaction
Have you seen the workers were welding the weld metal ? Carbide is mixed with water , produces acetylene will react . Acetylene used for splicing metal by
welding . In the food industry , while making the cake batter baking soda added . At the time of the heated cookie dough , baking soda produces carbon dioxide gas decomposes . This causes the gas to inflate the cake batter . What happens , if the cookie dough is not coupled with baking soda ?
3 . Characteristics of Temperature Changes in Chemical Reactions
What can you observe , when bonfires were lit ? Combustion reaction is an exothermic reaction . Exothermic reaction is a chemical reaction that produces energy . The energy produced can be either hot or heat . In the event of a chemical reaction of photosynthesis requires energy . The chemical reaction is called an endothermic reaction requires energy .

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